What causes Low Testosterone and how it affects life?

low testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone which is formed primarily inside the male testes. It controls the development of secondary sex features in males. The shortage of Testosterone hormone may result in a number of side effects in the body. So the question arises, What causes Low Testosterone and how it affects life?


What Causes Low Testosterone in Men?

General Causes:

The hormone obviously starts deceasing with age. The amount of this hormone can get lower than normal in men who’re between the age of fifty & seventy.

The testosterone produced in a male body may also be reduced as a result of the failure of testes to create adequate amount of this hormone. Reduced testosterone levels may also be caused due to insufficient production of 2 major hormones by the hypothalamus & pituitary gland. Any harm inside the pituitary gland, testicles & hypothalamus is likely to impact the steady creation of testosterone.

There are several other reasons for low testosterone levels in men. They comprise ill effects produced by drug, improper functioning of the testicles, as well as elevations in the female dominant hormone named adrenal. Improper functioning of the testes may occur as a result of damaged testicles. Also, congenital issues like decreased level of male dominated hormones & rare deformity syndromes are another causes of low testosterone formation in men. Acquired issues like chronic illness, starvation, aging, cancers, head trauma, alcoholism & infections are some other causes of reduced testosterone levels in men.

Unhealthy lifestyle can be another major cause that may lead to insufficient testosterone in men. Lack of workout, unhealthy diet, drinking and smoking are other major reasons that causes aforementioned damage to the hormone. These things can be easily fixed by altering the day to day living habits. Additional causes of low testosterone in men may include hypertension, pro longed usage of prescription/non-prescription drugs, poor circulation of the blood in the testes & psychological issues.


Other Causes:

Steady creation of testosterone may be altered in case the man has had mumps which causes swelling in the testes. In case a man has suffered a testicular cancer & chemotherapy or other radiation therapy was employed as a means of treatment, it might affect the testosterone levels in the body.

If a man has suffered external or internal injury to their testes & scrotum, then it may lead to lower levels of testosterone hormone in the body. There may be certain blood tests which a health care provider may suggest so as to identify the amount of testosterone in the body. It is best to carry out the test during the morning period since this is when the levels of this hormone are the greatest. In the day time, the proportion of this hormone may drop by up to 13 percent.

In some cases, fatherhood may be another cause of decreased testosterone amounts in men proposing the resultant behavioral as well as emotional changes encourage parental care. This is likely to affect the T levels in your body.

Not sure if you have low testosterone? Check these 9 warning signs here.


How It Affects Your Life?

It is crucial that men have enough amount of testosterone in their body since this hormone plays a very significant role in the growth of reproductive cells in men. Also, it is a major reason why men have deep voice, and more strength when compared to women. Also, the hormone plays a key role in the buildup of protein cells in your body. It ensures suitable functioning of organs like liver, creates new blood cells & boosts the metabolic fluids in the body. Testosterone is also responsible for sexual behavior in men including the production of sperm cells & their sex drive.

Like mentioned earlier, lower levels of testosterone in men can lead to several issues and side effects in a male body. Men who’re suffering low testosterone amounts may encounter sudden mood changes, poor strength in the muscles, erectile dysfunction, loss of concentration, fatigue, irritability, etc. That means you wont be socially stable, you will feel tired all the time. You wont be as good in bed as you used to be and will have difficulty in getting erected and erection won’t be strong. You will have muscle fatigue and your stamina will get lower.


Severe Cases:

In the event, the level of testosterone hormone is too low in your body, then the physician can treat it with the help of TRT also known as Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The treatment is available in the form of gels, injections, skin patches & oral pills. You can also improve the levels of the hormone in your body by following a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Below are some easy ways that can help you increase testosterone levels in your body:

  • Try to get no less than 7-8 hours of sleep every time you go to the bed
  • Workout at least 4-5 times each week
  • Eat more fruits and green veggies. Follow a diet which is high in protein and low in fats and calories.
  • Be aware of your stress levels
  • Have some proven supplements, we recommend Pro-Testosterone.


Final Words:

The above mentioned activities if followed properly can definitely help you boost the testosterone levels in your body. Natural activities are likely to encourage your body to enhance the creation of the T-Hormone thereby lifting your libido, motivation and life style, as a whole.

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